My very first memories are of the bedtime stories my grandma used to tell me. My passion for filmmaking was born from her tales, an early exposure to Art and a curiosity for understanding and capturing the different, sometimes juxtaposing, realities around me.

Born in Portugal, I started my education at Soares dos Reis where I experimented with photography, learnt the principles of design and spent a few nights discussing the ‘power of image’ (amongst other less relevant topics).

I discovered the strength of Film as a teenager with Bertolucci’s 1900, David Lynch’s Wild at Hearth and Kusturica’s Underground which made me see Film as the art form that better reflects the volatility of our times, whilst combining the very elements I’ve always been fascinated by: storytelling, image and psychology.

Willing to immerse myself in the craft, I joined the International Film School of Wales where I graduated in Film & Video. There I collaborated with students from around the world on a series of shorts, experimenting with different styles and techniques, learning the ropes of filmmaking.

Wanting to direct my own work outside of Uni, I made a short film for the National Dance Company of Wales ImagEination, shown in Theatres around the UK and which received raving reviews. This experience opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that Dance and theatre techniques have to offer to Filmmaking.

After University, I moved to Lisbon where I worked on International Film Festivals, Music Videos and a short film for prime time TV. In my free time I studied Performing Arts. Understanding acting not only makes me a better director on set, but it’s my love for acting that defines me as a director.

Looking to further my horizons I moved to London, where I earn my living in Advertising & TV. Some of my most exciting credits include Coordinating Iñárritu’s Nike Write the Future three minutes advert, Producing Google’s Zeitgeist, A Year in Review, and Managing the Design Studio responsible for the Branding identity of two new channels, ITV Encore and ITVBe.

C.T.R.L, my latest short, has received an “Honourable Mention in Shorts” at the LA Femme Film Festival and was awarded “Best Music Video” at Cortisonanti in Italy. It’s a bold and fresh directorial statement. I believe C.T.R.L truly showcases my potential, bringing together my knowledge of Performing Arts and high end advertising.

I am at an inspiring stage of my life where I am able to invest in projects I believe in and explore my interest in technology, not only as a medium but also as a subject.

I’m a strange mix of technical and creative. Day to day I’m surrounded by technology, as a professional web developer and as hardcore gamer. When I don’t have headphones on, shouting at a television or computer screen, I’m doodling, or talking about film. I also take a lot inspiration from the fundamental principles of graffiti: which are big, bold, creative, original and fantastic!

I’ve always been captivated by logic and creative problem solving, but it wasn’t until I studied graphic design at the James Watt College, near my home town Gourock, that I really fell in love with art/design and learned to communicate my ideas graphically. When I was there I discovered the early beginnings of the Internet as a platform for design and moved to Milton Keynes where I applied that background of design and problem solving to the fundamentals of web development.

Then, shortly after, I moved to London and launched my career as a web developer and where I work as a freelance developer day to day, running projects of all shapes and sizes. I’ve worked across a number of sectors and with a range of clients, such as Natwest, Avis, Disney, Queen, Andy Murray, Mentos and Beats By Dre.

Design and development has given me insight into many different walks of life but also built a strong foundation for understanding how people interact with technology. It’s given me the skills to deliver high quality, usable products.

I’ve now become more than that.

My passion and dedication drives me to develop new and interesting projects. I use my unique sense of humor to find the best in things, but also use it to approach somewhat difficult topics. My clear understanding of web technology and keen eye for design has given me the appreciation for well crafted and well executed ideas.

C.T.R.L is my first short film, an example of how I see the world and an expression of things to come.

Developer Portfolio

My career began in the production offices of leading prime time dramas such as the BBC’s ‘Silent Witness’ and ‘United’ through to ITV’s Period drama ‘Mr Selfridge’.

In between, I helped put together passion projects with friends such as ‘Monsters & Rabbits’, a short for the UK Film Council’s Pulse projects; ‘Daily Grind’, as part of the 48hr Smoke and Mirrors competition.

I’ve Line Produced the Sundance Award winning feature & BAFTA nominated ‘Lilting’ and Line produced ‘Habit of Beauty’ an Italian co-production due for release in 2016. as well as developing a children’s animation series.

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I’m a director of photography and an alumni of the London Film School and Central Saint Martins.

Proficient in both digital and film, I’ve worked on studio dramas, music videos, documentaries, and have a portfolio of commercial work for companies including Adidas, Nivea, Nokia, Orient Express and Visit Wales.

Bobbie Cousins

Over the past 3 years I’ve has developed a wealth of experience as a result of working on an eclectic range of productions. This journey has led me to understand and appreciate the pressures of the studio without sacrificing my eye for the smaller details and unique creative style.

Having moved to London in 2009 I’ve been consistently inspired by the atmosphere, edge and people in the city which is very much reflected in my work.

My credits include documentaries on the D-Day landings, Air Crash Investigations and the latest series of Channel 4’s acclaimed ‘Misfits’ amongst others.

I would thrive and flourish by being part of the CTRL project as it is an extremely exciting new media, mixing urban dance & technology and providing another distinguished platform to make a significant contribution towards.

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Equals Music provides bespoke music and sound design. From epic orchestral arrangements and intricate sound design to brooding atmospherics and pulsating dance beats.

Underpinning Equals Music’s work within composition and sound design is our passion for music. Joe and Will have extensive and varied experience working within the music industry as well-respected producers, songwriters, and live and studio instrumentalists and bring this experience to all of their work within Equals Music.

Equals Music Website

I’m an independent sound designer based in the UK.

I make sure that everything I touch brims with sonic life. I love nothing more than to make a particular experience as immersive and exciting as possible to it’s participant.

Music & Sound has an unrivaled power to express and accentuate feeling and emotion more acutely than any form of communication. As a sound designer, it’s my job to utilize my understanding of this and apply it with my full potential.

Simply put, I’m the icing on the cake and I add all the extra flavour.

I’ve worked with a number of clients across a variety of platforms. I have experience developing sound for film, television, interactive media, video games and web-based media. Brands I have worked for include: ID gum, Pepsi, Budweiser, Disney & Google. On top of this, I have worked on range of personal and passion-driven projects because I love what I do and I will continue to do so. CTRL is one of these and it’s been a privilege to be part of this talented team on such a unique project!

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Louisa Andrea

Every day of my life I am amazed and inspired by people, their talents and the way they utilize them. I am equally enthralled when I witness people discovering latent talents within themselves.


As Co-Director of B-Better HipHop Dance Education Company and Co-Founder of the ‘4-Foundation’ Dance Course, I am privileged to watch our students embark on their own journey of self-discovery.??Prior to joining the b-better directorship I worked as Team Manager for T.V Travel Shop, the pioneers of the travel/holiday shopping channels and as an Operations Director for a start up Events Management company based in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt.

I continue to explore my own creativity through the mediums of dance, art and writing, and look forward to releasing more latent talents of my own!

Damien Anyasi

A versatile and respected dancer from London’s ‘underground scene’, I have had the good fortune to work with a number of amazing people and currently represent professional companies The Waacktitioners and Ombrascura Dance.

As the director of B-Better Hiphop Education Company, my reputation as a teacher has given me the opportunity hold extensive teaching programs in Russia, Spain, Azerbaijan and many other countries, and I was most recently on the choreographic team for the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

I am excited by the CTRL project as it is a new venture for me in many ways, and hope to inspire others through creativity and application.


Being a successful 1st Assistant Director requires a great many qualities. These include being able to lead a team, to listen and to understand all aspects of production. A firm, polite approach to managing others and time schedules and a quick thinking approach to problem solving are also useful assets and I feel that I have these qualities and approaches.

My employment within the media industry is now past the ten year mark. From humble beginnings working for Arts Council England and The Writers In Prison Network, to BAFTA Award Winning Baby Cow Productions ‘Gavin & Stacey’, I have learnt from the very best.

Television, both drama and comedy, feature film, commercials, pop promo’s, short films, viral campaigns, studio shootings and out on location are all familiar territory for me. I am enthusiastic, resilient, resourceful and above all else realistic, recently having directed five commercials in Europe has proven my worth on all levels of production. I love my job and I’d like to offer my services to you.

Specialties: Assistant Directing, Art Direction and Directing.

Sam Hodge

Having graduated from Bournemouth Film School in 2014 — where I specialised in editing and post-production — I am currently working in the production department at Industrial Light & Magic on the visual effects for films such as Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man.

As an aspiring editor, I am also continuing to work on a wide variety of freelance projects, while enjoying news of my graduation films and animations being screened at festivals worldwide.



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I am currently in my final year studying for a degree in Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent University. The course has offered me the best training in both filming equipment and editing software and has helped to enhancing my presenting skills for both TV and Radio.

In my spare time I am Dance Captain for the university and have loved the arts and performing from a very young age. Having taken on various running jobs along side my studies it is a perfect way to see first-hand how the industry really works. Being on the CTRL shoot, it was great to be surrounded by so many talented and creative people.

International Motion, Design & Direction. Next stop, Sydney.



I’m  a motion graphics and VFX designer living and working in London with my company Teyega. I’ve worked on such shows as Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, Mr Selfridge and also contributed to the channel branding development of ITV BE.


Vitor Hugo

I studied Graphics in Árvore and Drawing in the Porto Superior Art School.

I worked for 3 years in the Cine-Clube of Avanca studios making animation for nearly 15 episodes of a tv series called ‘Estórias a passo de cágado‘ by Artur Correia and drawing backgrounds for ‘Until the top of the world‘ by António Costa Valente, Carlos Silva and Vitor Lopes.

In 2006 I participated in the Beja Comix Festival Exibition with ‘Black Box Stories‘ between a few selected Portuguese artists like Miguel Rocha, Susana Monteiro and Luis Henriques.

In 2009 I directed and animated Olivetreedance ´s videoclip theme Airport tunnel and since 2011 I have been animating ‘Any Other Man by Luis Soares’, ‘The Four Paths Singing‘ by Nuno Amorim and ‘Carrotrope‘ by Paulo D´Alva.