Month: July 2015

C.T.R.L’s Premier in Portugal

Come with me to hug a tree cardboard sound 2 Photos

C.T.R.L arrives to our director's home country, via CF Curtas em Flagrante, on the road film festival, which will be screening it at several different events and alternative festivals!

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C.T.R.L selected to SideWalk Film Festival

We're ecstatic to announce that C.T.R.L will be screening as part of the the 17th annual Sidewalk Film Festival. A celebration of new independent cinema, the festival takes place August 28-30, 2015 in downtown Birmingham Alabama.

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C.T.R.L opening for bwiff

C.T.R.L opens the 6th annual Blue Whiskey International Film Festival on July 19th at 7pm (CDT) in Illinois.

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